Black hair care tips

Black Hair Care Tips

how to keep black hair healthy and beautiful

African Hairstyle

Hair experts say that black hair is the most difficult hair to manage, regardless of whether it is Asian or African-American hair.  Asian hair may be resistant to damage, but the longer it grows, the more difficult it is to style because of its inherent thickness.  African-American hair, on the other hand, is known for its delicate structure, which makes it susceptible to damage.

How should you take care of your black hair?  The first step in caring for your black hair is to know your hair.  Every individual’s hair is different, and so hair care needs to be personalized.  Here are a few black hair care tips that will help you along.

Know your own hair

Before you launch a hair care regimen, it is important for you to know your own hair and become aware of its specific needs.  Do you have black Asian hair?  Then you would know that Asian hair is typically thick and coarse, with the tendency to develop split ends the longer it grows.  Do you have African-American hair?  Then you are likely to have fragile hair that is naturally dry and breaks easily.

Aside from racial hair types, you should also consider if your hairstyle is naturally curly, straight or wavy.  Also, the black hair care tips that you need to follow depends on whether your hair is naturally oily, dry or just normal.

Follow the basics of hair care

The best way to care for black hair is to follow the basics – shampoo it regularly and condition it frequently.  Contrary to what most people think, it is not healthy to shampoo your hair every  day.

Daily shampooing actually dries out the hair and makes it more prone to damage.  If you have oily hair, you need to shampoo it every other day.  But if you have dry hair, shampooing it once a week is enough.  Regardless of your hair type, you should stick to using gentle shampoos or organic shampoos, which actually prevent damage to your hair.  The typical commercially manufactured shampoo has harsh sulfates that can dry out your hair.

Conditioning the hair is one of the most important black hair care tips that you need to follow.  Conditioning the hair every day restores the proteins that the hair loses on a daily basis due to pollution, the weather or your own lifestyle habits.  When these proteins are continually replenished, your hair becomes smoother, shinier and stronger.

Avoid over-styling your black hair

The biggest mistake that anyone can make when it comes to their black hair is over-styling it.  Over-styled Asian hair becomes coarser and loses its natural strength, while over-styled African-American hair becomes even more fragile.  As thus, you should limit the use of heat-based or chemical-based styling agents on your black hair.  If you do need to style your hair, make sure that you apply a protective gel first.  Also, be lavish with your hair conditioning.

These are just the basic black hair care tips that you need to follow.  If you abide by them, you are sure to have a glorious crown of black hair on your head.

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