3 easy ways to make amazing nail polish designs

3 Easy Ways To Make Amazing Nail Polish Designs

I am one of those lazy people who love to have glamorous nails but don’t like to be bothered with the trouble of making them so (and don’t like spending money for manicure). Thanks to the good old Internet, however,  I could find some great ideas for easy and amazing looking nail designs. Here’s what I found:

Easy splatter paint nails

Easy Splatter Paint Nails

The original article can be found in this blog, called Pretty Gossip. I think this nail polish design is big fun. Both as final result and making process. It is a bit a messy  business, but when precautions are taken there shouldn’t be any problem.

As it is seen fromt he picture below, basically the technique is splattering two of the three used nail polish colors over polished nails with the thirds, base color. This is done by dipping the straw in nail polish and then splattering it by blowing trough the straw.

Fish tail manicure

The original article can be found in this blog. I love this idea. It is somehow simple and yet very effective. I also love when only one nail out of the 5 have a certain effect. It makes the whole look more simple, but still interesting.

Fishtail Manicure Tutorial

So, the technique is creating more visual interest by creating an easy and yet sophisticated design in the ring finger. Everyone knows how to create a fish tail braid, this is similar but with nail polish. And it looks cute.

Turquoise and gold

Well, I’m sure it works with other colors too. It’s the technique that’s interesting. By using a plastic bag and a shiny nail polish, we create a pleasant texture over a solid colored base.

The whole tutorial is available in The beauty Department.

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